Office of Learning & Organizational Development

Where do I add Stakeholder Development and Marketing in Ga Counts?


If I want a meeting to go under #2 or #3 below, how should I enter the meeting into GA Counts?

V. ELS / Stakeholder Development / Marketing and Community Involvement

1. Extension Leadership System

4-H Extension Leadership System Program Development Team Orientation

April 10, 2017, 9 contacts, Teamwork, Volunteer Development, General 4-H

2. Stakeholder Development Efforts

3. Marketing and Community Involvement



Good question.  It is not very obvious.  Here you go.
  1. Open Ga Counts
  2. Select pull reports from the left side bar
  3. Select Faculty activity report
  4. Select self-reported sections
  5. The sections you are looking for are 12 & 13.
  6. This information remains static so you can update it each year.