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Great 4-H Ga Counts Questions

Where do these go?

Great questions.

Thanks for asking.

  1. DPA – does this go under 4-H camps and conferences or event? Camps and Conferences
  2. If I hosted a portfolio workshop for the kids in my county what would I list that as? This is best recorded as a “Presentation Youth” report type.
  3. Teen leader training? “Presentation Youth” report type.
  4. I had a high school student shadow me for 3 days. What would I list that as? “Student Advising” report type
  5. Georgia Junior Nationals – I have currently listed my face-to-face contacts as only 7 because that’s how many kids we had from our county showing. But I also had assignments where I helped check in heifers and during the show handed out awards. So should I make my face-to-face # higher? This would be an “Event” report type.  You can count the 7 students you took as “Face-to-face” contacts and all of the others (since you were doing check in I would say all students there) as indirect contacts.  You may also want to note what you did in the Outcome, Impact, and Achievement section show it emphasizes what you did on your FAR.

Here is a document too that may help.

Report Type Examples