Office of Learning & Organizational Development

Ga Counts Office Contacts Questions

  1. If a person/people come in to get information and it turns into an office consultation, do we count them in office contacts and a separate report for the consultation or just the consultation? (hope that makes sense)They are just recorded as a face to face contact in the monthly office report.  Consultation reports are intended for off site visits.
  2. If John Doe comes in and speaks to the Agent about ANR information and then asks someone else about 4-H, do we both count him as an office contact with 1 contact for ANR and 1 contact for 4-H? Sheldon gave us advice on this one.  He says only count them once unless they leave the office and come back.
  3. Does Committee Activities only mean Extension Committees or does it mean county committees as well? Any committee work can be recorded in the “Committee” report type.  The only time when you would report differently is if the Agent served in a leadership role (I.e president, V.P., etc.) then it goes in as a “Leadership and Appointment” report type.