Office of Learning & Organizational Development

TV Segment and Web Video Reporting

How do you go about determining numbers reached for a news segment? It was shown on the morning news  and there is also the on-line video clip. There was a segment on the freeze damage and then one on ag awareness week and both are on video.

Mass media is tricky.

Contact the station for their viewership number (if you can get one).  This is just a general “potential” number of viewers in the broadcast area.  We can not say that every person actually saw the segment so we enter it as “indirect circulation”

Enter it as a Media Produced and Distributed report.

  • On the media produced report  select Television, DVD, and Web video for the type
  • Then enter the citation for the Title, date and TV Station
  • On media distributed report you will select Television, DVD, and Web video
  • The number of unique works will be 2 since it was two separate segments.
  • Enter in the viewership number (times 2 since you have two segments) in “indirect circulation” and any direct circulation for people that told you they saw the segments.
  • Make a second media distribution entry for the web videos.  Select website for the type.  Enter in any views or page hits (combined for both segments) for “indirect circulation” and any “direct circulation” for all comments or shares from the site. Number of unique works will be 0 on this entry.
  • Once you finish the report you can add any additional information you want reflected in your FAR in the Outcome, Impact, and Achievement box.