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Hurricane Outlook 8/12/2019

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced that the Atlantic hurricane season is expected to have above-normal activity. El Nino has ended and that is a big factor in the rise in expected activity because El Nino typically suppresses Atlantic hurricane activity. The above normal probability is at 45% with near-normal activity at 35%. NOAA is predicting 5-9 hurricanes with 2-4 of them being major hurricanes. An average hurricane season usually has 6 hurricanes with 3 being major. For the past 100 years, hurricanes and tropical storms typically manifest from August 1st through the end of October. Meteorologist are predicting that conditions will be more favorable for tropical development during the second half of the hurricane season, September-November. This update is a reminder to be prepared as best as you can. Remember we only had a few days notice with Michael last year.

NOAA Report