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Leaf Rust on Bermudagrass

I recently received some calls about dead leaves on bermudagrass. I figured that it was bermudagrasss stem maggot (BSM). However, after making a few farm visits I discovered something I had never seen before, leaf rust caused by the pathogen Puccinia cynodontis

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Pecan Bud Moth

Here is a good article on Pecan Bud Moth by Angel Acebes-Doria UGA Pecan entomologist. We are in the first stages of pecan budmoth infestation. Last year was a very bad year for budmoth. We are seeing initial signs of infestation on young trees (generally 1—3 years old) as of…
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Row Crop Pointers

Nematode management for corn producers.  Options are Telone II, Counter 20G, Propulse, and Avicta Complete Corn (a seed treatment).  Please let me know if you have questions about this.  I know Dr. Bryant is smarter, younger, and better looking than me, but I am older and bigger and meaner, so I told him that I am not dead yet and I will take those calls.  (For the record, we are very happy to have Corey with us in Tifton.)

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