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Ag and 4-H News from Southwest Georgia

Area Sorghum Growers Gain Access To Chemical For Controlling New Pest

  Georgia grain sorghum growers now have another option for controlling the white sugarcane aphid.  University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Entomologists, Dr. David Bunton and Dr. Phillip Roberts have secured a Section 18 Emergency Use Exception for the pesticide, Transform.  This product offers both better control of the aphids and a…
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Local Extension Agent in the News

This morning I read an article about one of the best extension agents in UGA Cooperative Extension.  Mr. Rome Ethredge is a great role model and mentor for young agents such as myself.  Very few pictures of Rome can be found because he stays busy serving his clientele.  The picture…
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Fall Foliage Feeders Are Here

The last few days I have received calls about caterpillars in different landscape shrubs.  These are typically fall pests but some have arrived early this year.  Among the recent insect calls were orangestriped oakworms, eastern tent caterpillars, and fall web worms.  These pests can defoliate a wide array of plants…
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Canola Meeting in Bainbridge

Bainbridge College and Meridian will be holding a Canola Institute on Friday, August 8 from 8:30 until 12:30 in the Kirbo Center at Bainbridge College. This event will include presentations from Eric Prostko, Bob Kemerait, and David Buntin (UGA Extension scientists) who will offer production information for canola. Other speakers…
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Pasture insect update for July 2014

I was talking with a few producers last week about fall armyworms in their bermudagrass pastures.  Although not to a treatable level for us yet, they have been in other areas here in South Georgia.  Dr. Hancock, UGA Extension Forage Specialist, and I discussed the pest pressures in Grady and Tift…
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