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Feeding considerations for moldy hay.

Today we received an update from Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Extension Forage Specialist, as increasing calls have come in about feeding moldy hay.  The following is his response to the situation. Because of the wet fall, many producers have faced extremely difficult field curing conditions for their hay. Additionally, hay…
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Stockpile Forage To Minimize Hay Feeding

 Here is a forage update from Dr. Dennis Hancock about stockpiling forage to minimize hay feeding. By Dr. Dennis Hancock, Associate Professor and Forage Extension Specialist In the South, we are blessed with a very long grazing season. With periods of drought as the exception, the only “lean times” for forage…
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Importance of Morningglory Weed Identification

There are many different varieties of morningglory weeds in our fields here in South Georgia.  It is important that we identify them correctly to get the best chemical control.  The following is a write-up by Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Extension Weed Scientist. Why is this important? Not all morningglories are…
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USDA Deadline Approaches for Conservation Compliance Certification.

The following is a letter from the USDA Risk Management Agency about the June 1st deadline for all producer’s to certify conservation compliance.  This deadline is mandated in the new Farm Bill and failure to certify could result in producer’s losing any subsidy assistance they may receive for their crop insurance premiums….
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UGA Extension Weed Scientist recognized for outstanding work supporting county agents and producers in Georgia.

Since 1992, the Walter Barnard Hill Award for Distinguished Achievement in Public Service and Outreach (Hill Award) recognizes distinguished achievement in public service and outreach by University of Georgia faculty members and service professionals. Each recipient is judged to have made contributions to the improvement of the quality of life…
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Ga Wheat Production Guide – 2014

  The new 2014 Georgia Wheat Production Guide is now ready and you can access by clicking  here, Or if you need us to, we can get a copy for you. There’s lots of very good information in it about markets and about growing the wheat efficiently.   Here’s a price…
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