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Redbanded stinkbugs make their appearance in Southwest Georgia soybean fields.


A well known pest to soybean growers in the delta, the redbanded stink bug has shown up in soybean fields in Southwest Georgia.  It is a devastating pest for soybean growers as it can continue to damage soybean pods in a later stage of maturity than its relatives the green, southern, and brown stinkbugs.  Fields that are planted in ultra-late soybeans after corn are the most susceptible to this pest.  Proper identification is key when dealing with insects and this pest is no different.  It can be confused with the redshouldered stink bug, however they differ in appearance for their larval stages as well as the presence of an abdominal spine on the underside of adult redbanded stink bugs.  A great publication with pictures of both the redbanded and the redshouldered stink bug is available from the University of Arkansas at the following link.  Biology, Identification and Management of the Redbanded Stink Bug.  For more information about the redbanded stink bug or management options, please contact your local cooperative extension office.