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Area Sorghum Growers Gain Access To Chemical For Controlling New Pest


sugarcane aphids

Georgia grain sorghum growers now have another option for controlling the white sugarcane aphid.  University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Entomologists, Dr. David Bunton and Dr. Phillip Roberts have secured a Section 18 Emergency Use Exception for the pesticide, Transform.  This product offers both better control of the aphids and a shorter preharvest interval after application.  It has been used in the midwest and delta regions to control this pest with much better results than lorsban or dimethoate.  Below is a screen shot of the label and here is a link to the Section 18 Emergency Use Exception label Transform WG Sec 18 GA Sorghum.  For more information about the control and identification of the white sugarcane aphid, contact your local county extension agent.


Transform Label