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Local Extension Agent in the News

Rome in action

This morning I read an article about one of the best extension agents in UGA Cooperative Extension.  Mr. Rome Ethredge is a great role model and mentor for young agents such as myself.  Very few pictures of Rome can be found because he stays busy serving his clientele.  The picture above is one of Rome in action because I believe it is more representative of the true Rome Ethredge.  His service here in Southwest Georgia isn’t limited to just Seminole County.  He has covered several surrounding counties when their agent positions were vacant.  Beyond the normal day to day tasks of an extension agent, Rome also helps new agents with problems arise that they haven’t faced before.  I and several other agents that have been with UGA Cooperative Extension for less than four years call him for advise almost daily.  We are trying to build our own wealth of knowledge and Rome helps to facilitate some of that learning.  He is an experienced educator, mentor, role model, and problem solver for his growers and other extension agents.  Rome is also a role model in the community and in his church.  Many of my generation of extension agents, myself included, are striving to be more like Rome each day.  To read more about Rome please follow the links below.

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