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Fall Foliage Feeders Are Here


The last few days I have received calls about caterpillars in different landscape shrubs.  These are typically fall pests but some have arrived early this year.  Among the recent insect calls were orangestriped oakworms, eastern tent caterpillars, and fall web worms.  These pests can defoliate a wide array of plants from broadleaf shrubs and large deciduous trees when found in high numbers.  Another pest that agents North of us are finding, bag worms will be a pest in coniferous trees such as pines, cypress, and cedars as well as some deciduous trees.  Keep an eye out for strange insects in you home landscape as well as any plants that appear to have some irregular growth and vigor.  These may be signs of problems with the soil, disease, or other pests that should be corrected.

If you find these or other pests in your yard, visit you local county extension office for information about controlling them.