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Kudzu Bug Alert

We saw low population levels of Kudzu bugs in June, but the population numbers have started to increase of the past two weeks. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is time to spray. We are suggesting a treatment threshold of 5 adults per plant on vegetative soybeans, or one immature per sweep. A visual inspection of immature kudzu bugs may also suffice. The numbers are often higher around the field edges so make sure to inspect the entire field and not make a decision based solely off of the populations around the edge. Also, try to hold off as long as possible to treat, preferably until immature kudzu bugs are found. This is due to the fact that kudzu bugs only have one life cycle per season on soybean, so if you can wait until you see immature bugs then you may only have to treat that one time. Another reason to hold off if possible is because kudzu bugs are still migrating; which means you can spray and kill what is in the field, but there is a good chance you will have another population influx shortly thereafter. The following chart gives some recommendations for the control of the insect.

             Treatment Recommendations

kudzu rec 2

kudzu rec