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Southern Rust Found

As of this afternoon, Southern Corn Rust has been found in Early County (tassel growth stage), Ben Hill County (early tassel) and Dooly County (V12 pre-tassel).  The southern rust that found in each of these fields was only present at very low levels, indicating that the infection is relatively recent.  


It is safe to assume that Southern Rust is potentially present in any corn field in southwest Georgia and will likely move north and east with passing storms.

Rain is back in the forecast for late this weekend; early next week, which will be favorable for development of rust.


I think that corn that is approaching (or has passed) the tassel growth stage is worth protecting if the yield potential is there…..  I generally would wait to spray for southern rust until your crop is approaching tassel. 


Triazole fungicides (like tebuconazole) are effective against rust (but lack the broader activity against northern corn leaf blight) and have a two week protective window.  Strobilurin products and combination strobilurin/triazole of strobilurin/SDHI (Priaxor) have 3 week protective intervals and also a broader spectrum of activity.