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Peanut Fungicide Update

The following information provided by Dr. Bob Kermerait should be considered when preparing to spray fungicides on peanuts.


 1. Current conditions (warm weather with developing afternoon thunderstorms) create favorable conditions for leaf spot diseases and white mold.


2. It appears that chlorothalonil (Bravo, Echo, Chloranil, etc.) will be “short” in our supply chain this year and I am already getting many calls and questions about it.


3.  Here are our UGA strategies for dealing with the shortage of chlorothalonil in peanut production:


A.  Consider using a strong leaf spot fungicide like “Headline” (9 fl oz/a, 45 days after planting) to initiate an excellent leaf spot program and to replace potentially 2 applications of chlorothalonil (30 and 44 days after planting).


B. Reduce the rate of chlorothalonil used in a leaf spot applications by partnering with another fungicided.  Examples include mixing chlorothalonil (1 pt/A) with Tilt (propiconazole, 2 fl oz/A) or  Alto (cyproconazole, 5.5 fl oz/A) or Topsin-M (5 fl oz/A).


C.  We DO NOT recommend a solo application of Alto (5.5 fl oz/a) for early-season management of leaf spot.  Although Alto tank-mixed with Abound has provided very nice results in management of leaf spot, Alto alone is may not have the “umff” that our growers need.  Just as we would never recommend spraying Tilt (4 fl oz/A) alone without Bravo, likewise we would like to see the Alto go out with a tank-mix partner.  (By the way, Alto IS NOT a white mold material, it is just for leaf spot!  Also, despite words to the contrary, Alto is not as good as Headline.  True, both are very good leaf spot materials; however Headline has a longer protective window.)