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UGA Master Cattleman Program

The winter 2015 Master Cattlemen’s Program will be held in Southwest Georgia hosted by Ben Hill County. Dates are January 20 thru March 10 (Tuesday evening of each week) 6:30 to 8:30 PM. This is a great opportunity for cattleman to attend.  It is also a good opportunity for people…
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Cotton Defoliation

The following information is provided by Turner County Extension Agent Josh Gravitt.   As we get into the month of September it is time for some growers to make decisions on cotton defoliation.  Some of our fields that were planted in April are opening up the stalk rather rapidly with temperatures…
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White Sugarcane Aphid in Sorghum

The following information was provided by Dr. David Buntin, UGA grain crop entomologist. A new aphid, the white sugarcane aphid (Melanaphis sacchari), has been found attacking sorghum in Georgia.   The aphid was the white sugarcane aphid.  Subsequent reports find the aphid in 9 total counties in the southwest quadrant of…
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Kudzu Bug Alert

We saw low population levels of Kudzu bugs in June, but the population numbers have started to increase of the past two weeks. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is time to spray. We are suggesting a treatment threshold of 5 adults per plant on vegetative soybeans, or one immature per…
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Cowpea Curculio

The following information regarding cowpea curculio was provided by Dr. Stormy Sparks, Dr. David Riley, and Jenna Kicklighter.   Background on the pest The cowpea curculio, Chalcodermus aeneus, occurs throughout the Southeastern United States. While this pest will feed on and injure multiple legumes, its preferred host is cowpeas. We…
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Bermudagrass Stem Maggot

The Bermuda grass stem maggot is a rising pest in some of our South Georgia hayfields.  Damage from BSM is a bronzing of the Bermudagrass, generating damage similar to that of severe drought or frost damaged Bermudagrass. The bronzing is the result of chlorosis and necrosis in the top two…
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Peanut Fungicide Update

The following information provided by Dr. Bob Kermerait should be considered when preparing to spray fungicides on peanuts.    1. Current conditions (warm weather with developing afternoon thunderstorms) create favorable conditions for leaf spot diseases and white mold.   2. It appears that chlorothalonil (Bravo, Echo, Chloranil, etc.) will be “short” in…
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Mite Alert!

Dr. Stormy Sparks, UGA; Want to make sure everyone is aware of two things we have seen in the last week or so.   We are seeing spider mites in multiple crops, with injury in a variety of cucurbits, mostly watermelon. Spider mites love hot, dry weather, so it is…
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Southern Rust Found

As of this afternoon, Southern Corn Rust has been found in Early County (tassel growth stage), Ben Hill County (early tassel) and Dooly County (V12 pre-tassel).  The southern rust that found in each of these fields was only present at very low levels, indicating that the infection is relatively recent.  …
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