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I am the Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent for Bacon County

Edible Landscaping | Georgia FACES | UGA

This article suggests several simple ideas to incorporate edible plants into your landscape. Blueberry plants are a perfect addition to home landscapes because they provide foliage and edible fruit. Unlike many blueberry plants, the Blue Suede variety (shown) holds on to its foilage throughout the year. It is brightly colored…
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Phylloxera Or bumps on my Pecan Leaves

If your pecan tree has had bumps like the ones in the photo it is probably infested with Phylloxera. Read the article by our pecan specialist Lenny Wells, to learn more. Bud break of pecan has arrived in south Georgia and if you have had problems with phylloxera in the past,…
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Ouch! What are these stickers in my yard?

The stickers you find on little weeds growing in your yard in April or May is typically from a plant commonly called lawn burweed a.k.a. spurweed, stickerweed, sanbur and sandspur. The weed germinates in the early fall months as temperatures cool and remains small or inconspicuous during the cold winter…
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Pecan Spray Guide 2016

The 2016 Commercial Pecan Spray Guides are available. You can follow the link below or stop by our office for a copy. http://The 2016 Pecan Spray Guides are available. You can follow the link below or stop by our office for a copy.
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Sustainable Gardening for the Southeast

Written by Susan Varlamoff This newly released gardening book, vividly illustrated, offers simple techniques to help conserve water, reduce pollutants and mitigate climate change while increasing biodiversity and attracting pollinators and wildlife. It is based on the best research of southern land grant universities and including many University of Georgia experts. For…
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