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Rockdale County Water Restrictions

The following water restriction information is from the Rockdale County Government Website Watering practices allowable any time: Irrigation of personal food gardens Irrigation of new or replanted plant, seed, or turf in landscapes, golf courses or sports turf fields during installation and for a period of 30 days immediately…
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How to Prune Hydrangeas

Here is a great article on caring for hydrangeas from the UGA URBAN AG CENTER. The information on pruning is particularly useful this time of year. Hydrangea: A Southern Tradition from the article: How to Prune Hydrangeas: How and when to prune hydrangeas is an issue for many gardeners, even…
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Adding Beneficial Insect Preservation to Your Pest Management Business

by Steve D. Pettis Rockdale County Extension Agent Pollinators in the news Pollinators have been headlining the news for months now. With reports of declining Monarch Butterfly populations and honeybee deaths seeming in the news daily, homeowners are becoming aware of the plight of pollinators and other beneficial insects. Just…
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Be on the lookout for fungus affecting native azaleas in Georgia

Dr. Marin Brewer at the University of Georgia is studying a  fungus that affects Rhododendron canescens, which is commonly known as Piedmont Azalea, Pinxter Azalea, Wild Azalea, Sweet Mountain Azalea, or Wild Honeysuckle. The fungus, known as  Exobasidium, forms a flower shaped gall from the leaves of the azalea. The galls emerge in…
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Shrubs looking bad after heavy spring pruning? Don’t worry they will come back!

Every few years professional landscapers on commercially maintained sites will find it necessary to ‘renovate’ hedged shrubs by pruning them back heavily and allowing new growth to rejuvenate the plant. In general this doesn’t make most plants too ugly although heavily pruned plants hardly look ever look great. Heavy pruning can make…
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