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Nozzle Selection for PWM Sprayers

PWM systems are becoming more common on boom sprayers recently and there are increasing number of growers who are first-time users of these systems and need to make nozzle selection decisions for their systems. While nozzle selection for a PWM system is somewhat similar to the nozzle selection process for…
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How to Interpret Mobile Irrigation Data and Make Informed Decisions to Improve Your Water Applications

Assuming a center pivot is installed to the correct specifications, the efficiency and uniformity of this system will only deteriorate from installment forward. Flowing pressurized water over time will wear away orifice openings and splash plates. An example of worn out 10-year-old rotator plates is shown in Figure 1 below….
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Understanding and Troubleshooting Common Planter Issues

Generally, a thorough planter check before planting and regular in-season planter checks are recommended to avoid any planting issues or mistakes that can cause a significant emergence and/or yield impact. However, planter issues are common and sometimes hard to notice, especially for planters without a seed monitor. Even though growers…
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