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Several mobile applications are available today that can help in proper nozzle selection for spray applications (Picture Credit: TeeJet Technologies).

When it comes to following the best management practices for effective pesticide applications, proper nozzle selection – correct nozzle size and type – is among the top of the list. While almost every nozzle and sprayer manufacturer today have a detailed nozzle selection guide available as both printed and digital (pdf) format, the process in itself can become overwhelming quickly due to the different types and the number of nozzles available today through each supplier. One can easily get lost in all the different colors and codes specific to the nozzle orifice size, spray angle, material, and the droplet size. Fortunately, there are several mobile applications (Apps) available today that can help navigate through some of these challenges and make the nozzle selection process easier.  

The following Apps (listed in the table below) are currently available through major nozzle and sprayer manufacturers in the US to assist growers with proper nozzle selection based on their application type, equipment and practices. All the Apps listed below are free to download and does not require a user to create an account/login to use them. Few nozzle manufacturers have also provided an online tool (similar to the App) on their website that can be accessed on any device with internet and web browsing capabilities. These Apps are also identified in the table below.

Regarding functionality and ease of use, most of these Apps utilize the same user-entered information i.e. target application rate, nozzle spacing, ground speed and desired droplet size to provide nozzle options that are best suited for the given application. Few selected Apps also provide specific nozzle recommendations based on the pesticide type and mode of action. To best utilize this information, choose the App specific to your nozzle or sprayer brand and enter all the required information for your desired application. When it comes to selecting the best nozzle from the top options suggested by the App, consider the nozzle that can maintain the target application rate and droplet size (for sprayers equipped with rate control or PWM nozzle technology) across a wide range of application speeds.

AppCompanyiOSAndroidOnlineMore App Details or Link to the Online Tool
TeeJet TechnologiesXXX

Tip Wizard
Wilger Inc.XXX
Greenleaf TechnologiesXXX
Spray It
Pentair Flow TechnologiesXXX
Spray Tips Guide
Nozzle Configurator
Kuhn SAXX /configuration-assistance-apps/nozzle-configurator-assistant
EquipmentPlus/Nozzle Select
John DeereXX
MyHardi/Nozzle Selector
HARDI International A/SXX