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Most ag data management software’s today are offered as desktop, web and mobile options for easier data collection, sharing and management. (Picture Credit: AgLeader)

Various digital and in-field technologies utilized in agriculture today are collecting volumes of data for each field throughout the year. This data can be used anywhere from assessing machine performance to scouting fields for making in-season crop management decisions to analyzing yield trends across the fields to maximize overall farm productivity and profitability. Given the value of ag data today, it is important to collect and manage this data using an appropriate and reliable data management software. Currently, there are numerous desktop, web and cloud-based software options available for managing and analyzing ag data. Most of these software’s have a lot of basic and some advanced features for planning, collecting, and managing data related to different machine, field and crop operations. Some of the common features offered in most ag data management software’s today are listed below:    

  • Create, manage, and import/export field boundaries and guidance lines
  • Plan and document crop plans and practices
  • Create and manage soil sampling plans, and view soil sampling results
  • Download and view soil survey and background maps
  • View in-season aerial imagery and crop health/biomass maps
  • Use in-season imagery for scouting and logging observations
  • Create variable-rate seeding, fertilizer and pesticide applications
  • Send and receive files to and from compatible in-cab displays, web and mobile apps
  • Record and track machinery operations and field applications (planting to harvest)
  • Analyze harvest data and discover yield trends within fields
  • Generate and print summary maps and reports by crop, variety, soil type, etc.

Note: Individual features and functionality can differ depending on the software type (desktop, web or mobile) and provider.

Below is a list of few data management software option’s available from different ag equipment, technology or data service provider companies. Most of these companies either offers a free basic version of the software with limited functionality or a free 1-month demo to try it out before purchase. Depending on the software type, functionality, and size of a farm operation, the subscription can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,500 per year. More information on specific features and pricing can be accessed by following the link provided for each software.

Please note that this is not a complete list of all ag data management software’s available in the ag market today. Before investing in a good ag data management software, it is always a good idea to check with your equipment manufacturer, technology or service provider, and seed/chemical company for software options available through them.