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You can find Peanut Rx 2021 at https://peanutrx.org, and on our UGA Peanut website peanuts.caes.uga.edu.

Some notes from Bob Kemerait for ease of use:

  1.  When you first open the page (First picture attached), you will be directed immediately to the “Quick Risk Tool” where you enter your selection for each of the Peanut Rx factors from drop-down menus and your risk to Tomato spotted wilt, leaf spot, and white mold will be provided based upon Peanut Rx 2021. 
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the opening risk page is a menu.  Opening the menu will allow access to several other important resources.
  3. The first is an “ANALYTICAL” Tool.  the analytical tool is much like the “Quick Risk Tool”; however it also includes a “Heat Map” that allows you to observe how varying selection of variety and planting date increases or decreases risk.  Red is “higher” risk, Green is “low” risk and “Yellow” is moderate risk.  This works better on a desk-top or lap-top computer, but can also be used on a smart phone.
  4. Also from the menu are a) brief descriptions of the diseases assessed in Peanut Rx, b) the full text of Peanut Rx 2021, and c) links to other resources, especially the Peanut pages for each of the participating institutions.  Industry Peanut Rx programs can be found on the UGA Peanut web page.

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