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Every year we get calls on which peanut fungicide to use. Growers ask what is best. They want to know if the conditions in this season warrant changes in what they normally do. Every season brings it’s own challenges and there is NOT a one size fits all answer. Peanut fungicide choices depend on the field, the conditions, the variety and your budget. Each year chemical companies along with the help of academia put out Peanut Rx sheets. This is a tool that will help you evaluate your risk and make decisions based on the circumstances in each field. You can find this year’s sheets online at this LINK along with lots of other helpful peanut information.

Two of my fellow county agents have done numerous peanut research plots over the last several years. I have some data from their research that was presented at the American Peanut Research and Education Society Meeting this year.

Bill Tyson РBulloch County Ag Agent 

Shane Curry – Appling County Ag Agent

Peanut Fungicide Poster

As you have specific questions about peanut fungicides and their application on your farm please give your county agent a call.

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