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Alfalfa in the South Field Day

The UGA Forage Team is proud to announce the return of the popular Alfalfa in the South workshops. UGA Extension will host a series of one-day workshops entitled “Alfalfa in the South” on May 1 (Calhoun Co.), May 8 (Bacon Co.), May 9 (Tifton, GA), and May 10 (Irwin Co.). Each workshop will focus on the management and use of Alfalfa in the South, including how to successfully interseed alfalfa into bermudagrass. Subjects covered include: site selection and establishment, management, and improving animal performance with alfalfa. Faculty and graduate students from University of Georgia and Auburn University will provide updates of the ongoing alfalfa research throughout the Southeast.  Each workshop will also include a field tour highlighting a producer who is using alfalfa in bermudagrass across Georgia (see full agenda).

Cost of the one-day workshop is $15 and includes lunch and refreshments, an ‘Alfalfa in the South’ notebook, and other publications on alfalfa production and use in the South. Registration is now available online. If you prefer to register by speaking directly to someone in our office, call Cathy Felton at 706-310-3464 or send us an email. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.