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Insect Survey: Flatheaded Tree Borer

There have been anecdotal reports in the past years that flatheaded borers have caused damage to young pecan trees/nursery trees. The injury are characterized by darkened and sunken areas on the outside of the trees (Fig. 1) caused by larval feeding. On young trees, this may cause girdling and even…
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This is our first insect update for this year. It is about that time when we need to be reminded about ambrosia beetles. Why should you be concerned about these beetles? These tree boring beetles (Figure 1) attack many trees in the southeast including pecans. Although trees can recover from…
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It is that time of the year again when we expect pecan weevils to be present in the orchards. Peak emergence is expected to be between August 10 and September 20 in Georgia. Therefore, the last week of July would be the ideal time to start monitoring for these weevils…
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