We want to welcome Andrew Sawyer, our new SE District Area Pecan Agent, to the UGA Pecan Team. Many of you already know Andrew as he has served as a county ANR agent in Thomas and Wilcox counties and also served as Wilcox county Extension Coordinator. Andrew’s first day on the job as Area Pecan Agent was yesterday, May 1.

As many of you in the Southeastern portion of the state know, my schedule has been quite busy and is sometimes filled a week or two in advance. As a result, there are times when it can take me a while to get over to you in extreme portions of the SE District when an orchard visit is required to identify a problem. The demand for pecan information in the SE region of Georgia has been rising with the acreage expansions we’ve seen over the last few years. Now that Andrew is aboard as a member of the Pecan Team, agents and growers will have someone already on the ground in the SE District to help support pecan issues. Andrew has hit the ground running and already has a few field trials lined up to address topics of interest to pecan growers in the area. I encourage all agents and growers in the Southeastern part of Georgia to welcome Andrew and do not hesitate to contact him when you need his help. I am still available to you but with Andrew in place as Area Pecan Agent, we will be better able to serve Georgia’s pecan growers. Thanks to the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Pecans for initiating the funding of the SE District Area Pecan Agent position.

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