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Thrips Monitoring: May 15-21

The tobacco thrips dispersal model predicted a fourth generation flight beginning around 18 May for the Tift County area, and it looks like that might be pretty close.  While the number of tobacco thrips on our yellow sticky traps remained low over the last seven days, we are seeing adults in our untreated peanut research plots.

We averaged about 3 adult tobacco thrips per plant (one unfolded terminal leaf/plant) in our sampling conducted on Tuesday this week. There were no immature tobacco thrips in the samples.The fields that were sampled Tuesday were at 14 days after planting. We will continue to monitor the yellow sticky traps over the next few weeks and will also provide updates on thrips collections from our research plots. The next week or two will tell the tale for thrips populations in peanut in 2014.

Growers using CruiserMaxx™ seed treatment should keep in mind that thrips control may decline at 21 days after planting. This does not mean an automatic foliar spray is warranted, but a foliar insecticide may be needed if thrips populations are high and immature thrips are present.

Thrips graph 5-21-2014

These data are being provided for informational purposes only and may not be representative of thrips dispersal at your location. Peanut fields should be scouted regularly to quantify actual thrips populations.

If you have questions about thrips or thrips management please contact your local county Extension agent.

*See 22 April post for a map of trap locations.