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Morningglory disrupting Corn Harvest?

While we have very good herbicide options in our field corn, we have nothing that carries us until harvest to prevent morningglory vines from climbing our corn stalks late in the season once corn is mature and ready for harvest. Many fields in our area had some drought stress anyway, so corn started to dry down earlier than it should, and this gave excessive sunlight to allow these vines to really take over the edges of corn fields. We still don’t have any miracles, but the best option is to aerially apply a mixture of glyphosate(Roundup) and carfentrazone(Aim) 7 days before harvest, but you must be at black layer, and the corn must be less than 35% kernel moisture. The rate for the glyphosate is from 19-32oz/acre depending on the formulation, and the rate for the carfentrazone is 1.6-1.9 oz. I would also recommend adding crop oil at 1% v/v. Like I said, this is not a cure all, but it will desiccate the vines enough they won’t stop up the header on the combine as readily. If you wait a week and a half to two weeks after this application to harvest, many of the vines will recover, and you may not get the benefit of the application, so I would advise you to carefully watch the forecast before applying this spray for harvest aid to get the full benefit.