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White Mold Alert!

In Terrell County our peanut acreage is significantly down this year. However, there are still a lot of peanuts in our area and we need to be aware that white mold has the potential to be very bad this year. We had absolutely no rain from May 12 to the first week of June this year. To make matters worse, we had unseasonably high temperatures that should have “lit the match” for white mold to become very active. Finally, this past week we had 5 cloudy, humid, and wet days that will act as “gasoline”. Be very diligent and realize that white mold may be underground, so dig up a few plants and look carefully for the fungal growth and spores that are the dead giveaway for white mold infected plants. We need some sort of white mold protection in the field by 45 days after planting with this disease friendly environment. Some good materials to combat this pressure and protect yield are Elatus @ 7.3 oz, or Priaxor at 8 oz among many others. The point is not to drag your feet. We are very early in the season, and this year could be the most white mold pressure we have seen in quite a few seasons.