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Corn just beginning to tassel

I saw the first tassels of the year today in an area corn field.  Below is a picture of the tassel that has just emerged from the whorl.  This field of corn was planted on March 12th and is one of the first fields planted in Terrell county.


Also,  here is a picture of the developing ear on the same plant.  I have not seen any silks that have emerged yet.


Corn beginning to tassel should signal several things for area growers.  Corn at this stage of growth is using at least .30 of an inch of water per day so growers do not need to slow down with their irrigation.  Also any growers that are applying fertilizer through the pivot needs to be finishing those applications now if they have not already done so.

As we begin harvesting wheat in the next week or so, growers also need to watch for stinkbugs in their corn.  Many times we see stinkbug numbers spike in cornfields as they move out of the wheat that is being harvested Corn is especially susceptible to stinkbugs as the silks emerge and the ear begins to develop.

Lastly,  tasseling normally signals when growers should begin considering a fungicide application on their corn crop.  Disease levels so far this season have been very low in area corn but growers should be strongly considering their rust management strategies for this corn crop as it begins to tassel.