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Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat…again.

I have recently been finding some Fusarium Head Blight in some area wheat fields.  Its pretty rare to see this disease take hold multiple years in a row as the conditions that favor its growth are not very common here.  Its too late to do much about it now, but it is something that growers should be aware of as they look towards harvesting their wheat crop.  So far, I do not think it is as widespread as we saw last year.

Here are a couple of recent pictures showing how the disease effects wheat heads:

20150423_154202_resized 20150423_154122_resized

Here is a picture I took last year showing a diseased kernel next to a healthy kernel:

Fusarium Wheat Head Blight Kernels

The best defense a grower has against this disease is planting a variety with some resistance to the disease.  Below is a chart showing the resistance to Fusarium Head Blight among some of our commonly planted varieties:


Here is a link to the post that I wrote last year about this disease:

Rome Ethredge, Seminole County Ag Agent, recently posted a publication explaining the disease in detail.  That publication can be found at the following link: