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Aphids in Area Wheat

I am beginning to see some aphids in area wheat fields.  Growers should consider scouting their wheat fields for aphids and be ready to make a pesticide application if they are above the economic threshold.  Here is a picture I took yesterday of some aphids in wheat:

Aphids in Wheat

Below are the scouting instructions and economic thresholds for treating aphids in wheat from the 2014-2015 UGA Wheat Production Guide:

To sample aphids, inspect plants in 12 inches of row in fall and 6 inches of row in winter. In spring, inspect 10 grain heads (+ flag leaf) per sample. Count all aphids on both the flag leaf and head for making control decisions. Sample plants at 8 to 16 locations per field. Treat when populations reach or exceed the following thresholds:

Seedlings: 1 bird cherry-oat aphids per row foot, or 10 greenbugs per row foot.

2 or more tillers per plant: 6 aphids per row foot.

Stem elongation to just before flag leaf emergence: 2 aphids per stem.

Flag leaf emergence: 5 aphids per flag leaf.

Heading emergence to early dough stage: 10 aphids per head.

Do not treat for aphids after mid-dough stage.


The complete guide can be found at the following link:

Growers should consider using one of the products on the page below if they determine they need to treat their wheat for aphids.  This is page 479 from the 2014 Georgia Pest Management Handbook.  It can be found at the following link:

Commercial-Small-GrainContact your local county agent for more information.