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2014/2015 Wheat Herbicide Recommendations

I have been in a few wheat fields recently and they are beginning to reach a stage of growth that we need to consider herbicide applications.  Here is a couple pictures I took in an area wheat field:

wheat weeds1


In this picture you can see a few different broadleaf weed species and ryegrass are beginning to emerge in planted wheat.

Wheat Ryegrass1

Here is a picture of a wheat seedling and a ryegrass seedling that had emerged in the field.  I am beginning to find ryegrass emerging around the edges of fields and around obstructions in the field.

Growers should consider making herbicide applications to their wheat now rather than later as they will be much more successful if they treat weeds while they are small.

Here is a publication by Dr. Stanley Culpepper, UGA Extension Weed Scientist, on weed management in 2014/2015 wheat:



UGA Wheat Weeds

UGA Wheat Weeds 1


If you have questions regarding weed control in your wheat, contact your local county agent for more information.