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New Option for Nematode Control for Georgia Cotton Growers

Recently the EPA has made the determination to allow the use of Counter 20G as a nematicide in cotton for Georgia cotton growers.  This is largely due to efforts by our UGA Cotton Team and Extension Plant Pathologist, Dr. Bob Kemerait who worked together to apply for an “Emergency Use” Section 18 label.  By this label, Counter 20G can be used to control nematodes and thrips using an in-furrow treatment much like its corn label.

The following are a few comments by Dr. Kemerait.

Please note the restrictions on the label for use of herbicides.  Of significant concern is the potential for adverse interactions with specific herbicides (see notes on label).  Dr. Culpepper is conducting further studies now to refine the potential for interactions.  As one person associated with the product told me, “We have been super cautious with regards to limiting use of herbicides in conjunction with Counter 20G.”

Unfortunately, we do not have much of the data we would like to have in making recommendations for this product.

Here is a link to the PDF version of the Section 18 label.

2014 Counter 562-20140521 Counter 20G – Section 18 for use on cotton in Georgia

Counter20G label cotton

For more information please contact your local county extension agent.