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Zidua use in Field Corn

Some of the growers in the area may be interested in using the herbicide Zidua in their field corn this year.  Here are some comments from Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Weed Scientist about the herbicide:

Growers who are interested in using Zidua in field corn should do so for the following reasons:

a) Zidua is a new herbicide. Its always fun to try something new and sometimes herbicides perform slightly differently on individual farms.
b) For those concerned about atrazine and PPO resistance, Zidua offers an alternative mode of action.  Zidua is a very-long chain fatty acid inhibitor similar to Dual Magnum or Warrant.
c) Zidua provides good to excellent residual control of pigweed and most annual grasses. Zidua may be slightly more effective than Dual or Warrant on Texas panicum (buffalograss) but is less effective than Prowl or Sonalan.
d) Zidua is a low use rate product (1.5 oz/A).

Figure 1.  Weed control in field corn with Zidua (2013).

Figure 2 is a summary of the morningglory control ratings for Zidua as published by different land-grant universities.

For more information about this herbicide, you can find it in the 2014 Georgia Pest Management Handbook on page 140 or at the following link: