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63rd Annual Counties In Partnership Market Hog Show

The 63rd Annual 2014 Counties In Partnership Market Hog Show was held on Monday,    February 17, 2014 at the Ag Center located in Edison, Georgia.  Those participating in this event were:


Calhoun County 4-H Club

 Hayden Ashley * Brooklynn Bland * Justin Brown* Peyton Brown * Trevor Brown   Aiden Bruner * Coy Bruner * Jacob Bryan * John Bryan * Rebekah Bryan *          Jackson Ginn * Anna Grace Ginn * Cullen Hargrove * Hailey Hargrove * Lane Hargrove * Cameron Jackson * Kole Kimbrel * Ross Worthy * Ty Worthy *


Jalin Gray * Corinthian Roberts

Terrell County 4-H Club

Caroline Daniel * Taylor Flournoy * Ty Cannon * JP Cannon


The final results of the 2014 Counties In Partnership Market Hog Show (Calhoun & Terrell) were as follows:

Grand Champion – Justin Brown

Reserve Grand Champion – Cullen Hargrove

 160 153

Showmanship Winners:


Rebekah Bryan– 1st Place

Lane Hargrove – 2nd Place

Cullen Hargrove –3rd Place

Caroline Daniel – 4th Place

Jalin Gray – 5th Place

Ty Worthy – 6th Place

Taylor Flournoy – 7th Place

Ross Worthy – 8th Place

Corinthian Roberts – 9th Place



Aiden Bruner – 1st Place

Brooklyn Bland – 2nd Place

Jacob Bryan– 3rd Place

Hayden Ashley– 4th Place



John Bryan – 1st Place

Hailey Hargrove – 2nd Place

Coy Bruner – 3rd Place

Ty Cannon – 4th Place

Cameron Jackson – 5th Place

Anna Grace Ginn – 6th Place

Kole Kimbrel – 7th Place

Peyton Brown – 8th Place

Jackson Ginn – 9th Place

Trevor Brown – 10th Place

Justin Brown – 11th Place

JP Cannon – 12th Place


Class Winners

Class 1

Hayden Ashley – 1st Place

Caroline Daniel – 2nd Place

Kole Kimbrel – 3rd Place

Jalin Gray – 4th Place

Trevor Brown – 5th Place

Justin Brown – 6th Place

Corinthian Roberts – 7th Place

Cameron Jackson – 8th Place


Class 2

Aiden Bruner – 1st  Place

Brooklyn Bland – 2nd Place

JP Cannon – 3rd Place

Anna Grace Ginn – 4th Place

Brooklyn Bland – 5th Place

Peyton Brown – 6th Place

Ty Worthy – 7th Place

JP Cannon – 8th Place

Lane Hargrove – 9th Place

Jacob Bryan – 10th Place

Hailey Hargrove – 11th Place


Class 3

Rebekah Bryan – 1st Place

Coy Bruner – 2nd Place

Jackson Ginn – 3rd Place

Peyton Brown – 4th Place

John Bryan – 5th Place

Cullen Hargrove – 6th Place

Jacob Bryan – 7th Place

Caroline Daniel – 8th Place

Ross Worthy – 9th Place

Jain Gray – 10th Place


Class 4

John Bryan – 1st Place

Ty Cannon – 2nd Place

Anna Grace Ginn – 3rd Place

Ty Worthy – 4th Place

Jackson Ginn – 5th Place

Kole Kimbrel – 6th Place

Taylor Flournoy – 7th Place

Hailey Hargrove – 8th Place

Ty Cannon – 9th Place


Class 5

Justin Brown – 1st Place

Cullen Hargrove – 2nd Place

Coy Bruner – 3rd Place

Ross Worthy – 4th Place

Hayden Ashley – 5th Place

Aiden Bruner – 6th Place

Lane Hargrove – 7th Place

Cameron Jackson – 8th Place

Taylor Flournoy – 9th Place


Record Book Winners


  1.  Caroline Daniels
  2.  Ty Worthy
  3.  Peyton Brown



  1.  Jalin Gray
  2.  Corinthian Roberts


All of these young people did an outstanding job.   This program requires a lot of hard work on the part of the participant as well as their parents.  It also teaches these young people about responsibility, team work, cooperation, and determination.  We are very proud of them all.  We would also like to thank our sponsors, because without your support this event would not have been possible.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!