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2014 Georgia Jr. National Swine Show

While we didn’t get the results we wanted out of the State Hog Show, Counties in Partnership (Calhoun and Terrell) Livestock Team did very well. Out of the 38 pigs we took to Perry, 20 of them placed in their weight classes.

The week started off with parents and children waking early on Wednesday morning to make the trip to Perry, Ga. Once there everyone got settled into their pens and got there pigs weighed-in. It turns out that there were over 1400 pigs that made weight at the State show this year.


On Thursday, individuals competed in showmanship. They morning started off slow with grades 9-12 not getting any results from our exhibitors. Grades 3-8 participated in the afternoon and our kids got off to a fast start with all 3 showmen in the 3rd and 4th grade getting penned. Coy Bruner, Jackson Ginn, and Kole Kimbrel were all showing for the first time at the state show and all made it through the first rounds of cuts. Unfortunately they didn’t make into the next round but we are still proud of all 3 for the work they put into the show. 6th grader Aiden Bruner also made it past the first round of cuts and came back out and put on a great show for the judge. Aiden got 3rd in 6th grade showmanship which is a great accomplishment.

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On Friday weight classes began with barrows being shown. Once again, Aiden Bruner, put on a good show in his weight class. The first pig he showed won its class and also got Division Reserve. The rest of the day went as follows: Ty Cannon – 4th place, Jackson Ginn – 10th place, Peyton Brown – 2nd place, Cameron Jackson – 10th place, Lane Hargrove – 7th place, and Aiden Bruner – 10th place. Out of the 13 barrows we showed 7 of them placed in their weight classes.

On Saturday we had 25 gilt’s to be shown throughout the day. Rebekah Bryan was the only person to win their class but we had 12 of the other 24 place in their class. Here are how the other exhibitors placed: Caroline Daniel – 2nd place, Brooklyn Bland – 7th place, Peyton Brown – 4th place, Ty Worthy – 10th place, John Bryan – 3rd place, Coy Bruner – 3rd place, Jackson Ginn – 6th place, Ty Worthy – 3rd place, Cullen Hargrove – 9th place, Justin Brown – 3rd place, Rebekah Bryan – 6th place, and Ross Worthy – 8th place.

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Congratulations to all participants at the State Show. Members of the Counties in Partnership Livestock team the participated at State are: Hayden Ashley, Brooklyn Bland, Justin Brown, Peyton Brown, Aiden Bruner, Coy Bruner, Jacob Bryan, John Bryan, Rebekah Bryan, Ty Cannon, Caroline Daniel, Taylor Flournoy, Jackson Ginn, Cullen Hargrove, Hailey Hargrove, Lane Hargrove, Cameron Jackson, Kole Kimbrel, Ross Worthy, and Ty Worthy.