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Potential Problems with Toxic Weeds in Georgia Pastures.

Today we received word from Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Extension Forage Specialist, about the danger this year of toxic weeds in our pastures.  With the increase rainfall we have experienced times where we couldn’t provide timely application of herbicides to control the weeds and many of them thrive in a moist and warm environment.  I am listing a few that Dr. Hancock has identified as issues in Georgia.

Black Cherry Dallisgrass Oleander
Black Locust Ground Cherry Perilla Mint
Brackenfern Hemp Dogbane Poison Hemlock
Buttercup Horse Nettle / Nightshade Pokeweed
Castor Bean Jimsonweed Sesbania
Chinaberry Johnsongrass Sicklepod
Cocklebur Milkweed Sneezeweed

More recently he has encountered issues with Perilla Mint causing some cattle deaths.  I am including a picture of this weed and a link to a video from Dr. Hancock on the issue.

perilla3 perilla2

Call your local Extension Agent if you have any questions or concern.