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Sorghum Crop Pest Update.

corn earwormsmallYesterday and today I have been walking in a few fields of grain sorghum.  Most of the ones I have visited have been heading out and flowering.  The Sorghum Midge was the primary reason for the field visits but I found a few leaf-footed bugs and stink bugs along field borders and a good many head feeding caterpillars.  These caterpillars were primarily corn earworms and tobacco budworms.  The picture above is from one of the fields where I was finding them pretty regular with the worms ranging from two to five days old based on size.  The picture below is of a corn earworm moth laying eggs in one of the fields I visited this morning.

corn earworm mothsmall


Here is a page from the 2013 Georgia Pest Management Handbook regarding Grain sorghum pests.  If you have any questions please feel free to call you local county extension agent.


sorghum insect pest handbookupright