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Kudzu Bugs are here!


Everyone that grew soybeans last year probably already know this pest.  It is a relatively new pest to our area but can definitely impact our yields.  The kudzu bugs, Megacopta cribraria, feed on kudzu as well as soybeans and lima beans.  They feed on other plants as well but are not able to reproduce on them.  These plants include fig trees, wisteria, cowpeas, hydrangeas, snap beans, and peas.  (Nymphs shown above and Adults shown below)

This year we are seeing these pests in higher numbers early in the season.  For early season infestations, Dr. Phillip Roberts recommends a threshold of five adults per plant or one immature nymph found on the stem or new developing tissue.  Below is a copy of the kudzu bug section of the pesticide handbook recommendation.  It is easy to kill them with a low level pyrethroid insecticide and often times can be tank mixed with other sprays going across the field.

kudzu recomma

kudzu recomm