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Counter Insecticide and Various Herbicide interactions in Corn

If you are using Counter 20G in-furrow, you may want to take a minute to review your herbicide program for corn.  Below is a fact sheet from AMVAC, makers of Counter 20G, that will give you a list of approved herbicides as well as list some to leave out of your program.

Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Extension Weed Scientist, has found that this herbicide/insecticide reaction can have adverse effects on your yield.  He says, “In one of my trials conducted in 2012, a Counter/Steadfast interaction resulted in a 40% yield loss.  The manufacturers of Counter 20G (AMVAC) have put together an excellent publication to address this issue.”  He also mentioned that this interaction isn’t just limited to ALS-inhibiting herbicides (Accent, Beacon, Steadfast Q) but can also occur with certain PPO-inhibitors (Sharpen, Verdict) and HPPD-inhibitors (Callisto, Halex GT).


2013-Counter 20G Herbicide Interaction Guidelines (2) (2)_Page_2


For a printout of this publication, stop by the Randolph County Extension office and pick one up.