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White Mold In Peanut

I’m seeing a fair amount of white mold in the county. With the weather conditions we are currently seeing; wet, humid, and hot temperatures, this should be expected. Before white mold becomes a major problem we need to get ahead of it….

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Target Spot in Cotton…


I am starting to see a fair amount of Target Spot in Mitchell County. Most of what I have seen is on older cotton, well past the 4th or 5th week of bloom. I have seen some on younger cotton between the 1st and 3rd week of bloom. This cotton will benefit from a fungicide application based on field history, irrigation, and growth stage.
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Peanut Insect Update

  Here are some common insect questions this season answered by Dr. Mark Abney: Q1. Lesser Cornstalk Borer (LCB) took me to the cleaners last year. What do I spray this year, what rate and how often? Do you have any LCB now? If not, do not treat. 2014 was…
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