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Wheat Planting and Cultural Practices

Here is a post from Andrew Sawyer, Thomas County Agent; Here are some cultural, and planting decisions to consider when planting wheat. I compiled some of the notes taken at our Area Wheat Update with UGA Extension Agronomist Dr. Dewey Lee: Deep tillage – Wheat reponds well to deep tillage…
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2014 Small Grain Varieties

Here is a post from Andrew Sawyer, Thomas County Extension: The Small Grain Performance Tests on the statewide variety testing website have been completed, you can see here – 2014 Small Grain Performance Tests. Variety characteristics presents great information that tells us a lot about disease and insects. This can also…
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Area Wheat Meeting


An Area Wheat Meeting with Colquitt, Mitchell, And Thomas Counties will be held Oct 1st. The meeting will be at the Colquitt Co. Ag Center, 350 Building 1 Veteran’s Park North Moultrie, GA 31788. The meeting will start at 12:00 pm. Two hours of private and commercial pesticide will be available. Please call the Mitchell County Extension Office at 229-336-2066 to RSVP by September 29th.
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Oats and Wheat Harvest Begins


Harvesting of Oats and Wheat has begun in Mitchel County. The delay in wet weather has allowed for maturity and drying down. Now the fields are ready to be harvested.

In terms of Fusarium head blight, there is nothing we can do now except harvest early, turn up the air during harvest and separate bad fields. Growers are encouraged to blow as much air as possible to take out the lower test weight/shriveled grain
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