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Metribuzin on Soybeans

Via Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Scientist; As many of you know, I have been trying my very best to prevent the overuse of Valor and Reflex in soybeans, especially for growers who also plant cotton and peanuts.  Growers who want to protect Valor and Reflex (PPO’s) have many other PRE…
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Valor Clean Out Issues??

Via Dr. Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Scientist; “Despite 15 years of on-farm use, I continue to receive frequent questions at winter grower meetings about cleaning sprayers of Valor residues.  The Valor label has very specific instructions about the correct method for sprayer clean-out.  These instructions are very labor/time intensive thus…
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Last year around April and May I received a lot of questions from people in the county concerning a painful weed (burweed) in their yard. It was basically impossible for people to walk bare foot in the yard… I remember there being some confusion with the weed in question (burweed) and a pasture weed (stinging nettle) that’s extremely painful if skin-contact is made. I think only one or two of the  calls actually involved stinging nettle… Unfortunately April and May is too late, since the plants are dying and the burs remain.
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Pre-Harvest Applications of Aim or ET in Peanuts

Here is some good info on late season morning glory control in peanut from Dr. Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Scientist; “Been getting many questions lately about late-season annual morningglory control in peanut.  I partially addressed this issue in a previous blog (August 29, 2013).  In most cases, it is too…
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Morningglory ID

Morningglory species are can be some of the hardest weeds to control in a field. Proper identification is the key to achieving  control. If anything know the difference Smallflower morningglory compared to others. Why is this important? Not all morningglories are controlled equally by certain herbicides. Here are a few…
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Valor on Peanut

Yesterday I visited a field with some Valor damage on peanut. Many of the seedlings were hit hard and looked bad. Fortunately these peanuts will be fine! The stand is still good, they are quality seed, and are already growing out of it. Before long you won’t be able to tell they were damaged.

Valor damage3
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Peanuts are emerging… 2015 Weed Control Options

These peanuts were planted almost two weeks ago and are starting to emerge. They are certainly some of the earliest planted, at least that I’m aware of… They look great! They are a twin row planting of GA06. While out looking at this field I saw planters in multiple fields. It looks like peanut planting has officially started!

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