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Pecan Irrigation Schedule

Mitchell County is 2nd in the state in pecan production. Pecans require a considerable amount of rain to produce a good crop load. To achieve this pecan growers need to be on an irrigation schedule. Here is a post and schedule from Lenny Wells, Extension Pecan Horticulturist:

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Ambrosia Beetle, Bud Moth, and Pecan Nut Casebearer


As of May 4th, 2014 Will Hudson and the Pecan Pest Management Hotline reports the insects to be on the watch for are the ambrosia beetle and the bud moth.  Pecans should be scouted for this insects and their symptoms. This includes new foliage webbed together, expanding buds with damage, and frass at the site of injury. According to the hotline no pecan nut casebearers have been found. Control of this insect is considered by many entolomogists to be usually unnecessary. Here is an article from Lenny Wells, Extension Pecan Horticulturist, about the Pecan Nut Casebearer:
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Pecan Disease Management April’14

Year after year pecan scab maintains the most costly disease in pecan production in the state of Georgia. Currently UGA’s fungicide programs are centered around scab management and changed if other diseases become an issue. The scab pathogen infects both the foliage and fruit, so season long protection is a must. This calls for a…
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