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Blueberries are Blooming in Mitchell County!

I stopped by the Mercer’s blueberry farm today. Everything is going well and they are right on track to pick in the next month or so! Blueberries are definitely not new to Mitchell County, but commercial plantings are. We now have at least 4 separate growers in Mitchell County in the blueberry business. they all are doing well, some just starting and others going into their third year!

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Pecan Meeting! Wednesday Feb 3rd 12:00!!

Pecan spraying

This is a reminder of the Mitchell County Extension Pecan Production Meeting. The meeting will be this Wednesday February 3rd at 12:00 pm in the Mitchell County Ag Center. Please RSVP by tomorrow 12:00 at 229-336-2066. Dr. Lenny Wells and Jason Brock will be here to give an update on the industry.
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Casebearers in Pecan: Should We Spray?

Now is the time period when Pecan Nut Casebearer (PNC) has normally been treated in Georgia. In the past few years there has been debate regarding just how much damage PNC does to the pecan crop here in Georgia. In Texas, PNC is a horrific pest.  Here in Georgia, its a different situation.

Here is an article addressing PNC in Georgia from Lenny Wells, Extension Pecan Specialist:

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Reminder!! Pecan Production Meeting Mar 17th!

This is a reminder for the Extension Pecan Production Meeting. The meeting will be March 17th at 12:00 noon in the Ag Center behind the Extension Office. The speakers will be Dr. Lenny Wells and Mr. Jason Brock. Make sure to let the Mitchell County Extension Office know if you…
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P, K, Zn Fertilization of Young Trees

Post from Lenny Wells, Extension pecan specialist: Most soils on which new pecan orchards are established here in Georgia are old row crop fields or cleared pine land. In the case of row crop fields, soil levels of P and K may be in fairly good shape, while Zn levels…
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