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Irrigation In Corn

IMG_1931 - Copy

Our earliest corn in the county will be approaching tassel soon. There are lot of areas planted that are in need of some rain or irrigation. When corn progresses past V6 stage the amount water taken up everyday increases. Now is a critical time in crop development and yields are being established. Growers that wish to have high yields in their corn crop need to eliminate all periods of drought stress in order to achieve that yield potential.
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Field Corn Coming Up

I have been by a few fields planted in corn. The weather has been nice and farmers are working as hard as they can! Here are some pictures of a field planted last week. Looking good so far!

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Mitchell County Corn Production Meeting!! Jan 7th


This Thursday Jan 7th at 6:00 pm in the Ag Center we will have our first production meeting of the new year! Thankfully we were able to plan our corn production meeting early this year. Hopefully this meeting will be helpful in making production decisions for this year’s corn crop.

Please call in to the office at 229-336-2066 to rsvp for the meeting by Wednesday at 12:00 pm. You can also call my cell at 229-336-6440 or email at

I look forward to seeing you there!
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Corn Denting

Corn is starting to dent in Mitchell County. This field was the one I found southern rust in. The field was sprayed two Saturdays ago. The disease spread has halted and has not moved in the past week and a half as far as I can tell. Regardless the corn looks great and is starting to dent. At this point in the growth of the corn disease is less of an issue and a fungicide spray would no longer be recommended!

The corn in the picture has now reached the early part of dent stage or R5. Currently the corn is around 50% moisture and 65% dry matter. By the end of dent stage the corn will have reached 35% moisture and 100% of its dry matter. In roughly two weeks it will reach physiological maturity!

corn dent1
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Southern Corn Rust Found In Mitchell County

Southern Corn Rust2

Earlier today I found Southern Corn Rust in a field in Mitchell County. What’s funny is I found the same disease in corn last year June 6th! One day earlier than last year!

Remember Southern Corn Rust is the most important disease on corn! Rain is back in the forecast for next week, which will be favorable for development of rust. Any corn that is approaching (or has passed) the tassel growth stage is worth protecting if the yield potential is there.
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Common Corn Rust in Mitchell


Yesterday common corn rust was found in Mitchell county in isolated areas. Rome Ethredge in Seminole County is seeing some in his county as well.

First off this is NOT Southern Rust, so don’t worry. This disease is very similar but the kind of rust that causes significant yield loss. This disease is almost always found each year and rarely causes in yield loss and is of no worry to our corn producers.
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