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Peanut Tank-Mixes

Via Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Scientist;

Now is the time of year that most of us will get numerous questions about the various tank-mixes that peanut growers would like to try.  Here are a few reminders:

1) With over 90,000 potential peanut tank-mixtures, it is impossible for UGA or anyone else to have all the answers.  If a  grower puts more than 2 chemicals in a spray tank, it is very likely that that specific mixture will not have been adequately tested.

2) Just because a specific tank-mixture may not have caused peanut injury on one day, it does not mean it will not cause injury at another time.  Peanut response to tank-mixtures is a function of many factors including temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, and overall plant health.

2) The following is a good publication to keep handy at this time:  Tank-Mixing Chemicals Applied to Peanut Crops: Are the Chemicals Compatible?.  This publication can be accessed from the web at the following location:

3) Recent research from NC State University indicated that manganese did not affect the efficacy of Select, Poast, Cadre, Pursuit, 2,4-DB, Abound, Bravo, Headline, or Folicur. Common ragweed control with Cobra was reduced 6% by dry Mn sulfate but not liquid Mn.   (Peanut Science 2012 39:1-8)

4) Here a few slides of some tank-mixtures that I have tried or seen in the field.