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Irrigation In Corn

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Our earliest corn in the county will be approaching tassel soon. There are lot of areas planted that are in need of some rain or irrigation. When corn progresses past V6 stage the amount water taken up everyday increases. Now is a critical time in crop development and yields are being established. Growers that wish to have high yields in their corn crop need to eliminate all periods of drought stress in order to achieve that yield potential.
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Female flower bloom and casebearer sprays

Via Dr. Lenny Wells, Extension Pecan Specialist; This time of year you can get a good idea of the potential of the pecan crop. I want to emphasize the word “potential” here because at this point in the season that’s all it is. You can now see the pistillate (female) flower…
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Alert: Cucurbit Downy Mildew in GA

Downy mildew of cucurbits has been detected from Thomas County in Georgia! These observations indicate that inoculum of downy mildew is currently in GA and under favorable conditions (cool and wet conditions) potential disease outbreak in cucurbit can occur. I would suggest our cucurbit growers to look for the downy mildew symptoms in their fields and start applying protective spray of below stated fungicides.

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Metribuzin on Soybeans

Via Eric Prostko, Extension Weed Scientist; As many of you know, I have been trying my very best to prevent the overuse of Valor and Reflex in soybeans, especially for growers who also plant cotton and peanuts.  Growers who want to protect Valor and Reflex (PPO’s) have many other PRE…
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