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Damping Off on Watermelon

I wanted to make a post on an interesting visit/call I responded to concerning a watermelon planting. Before I got there many of the plants had to be replanted for new transplants. Unfortunately many of the transplants were displaying similar symptoms. I got there this morning it was not immediately obvious that disease was the culprit… The plants were stunted but the wilting was not severe.  I took a few plants back the office and put them under the microscope. What I found was Pythium attacking the base of the plants and root system. This pathogen was more common when we direct seeded our melons, but we don’t see it as often now. The cool wet conditions recently are most certainly the main driver. Luckily an application of Ridomil Gold will control this pathogen and give those transplants not affected a fighting chance. Below are some pictures I took!!


pythium on watermelon3

pythium on watermelon2